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Bitrix 24 implementation for a logistics company and data transfer from AMO CRM

Bitrix 24 implementation for a logistics company and data transfer from AMO CRM

Previously the company used AMO CRM for dealing, all the company's and clients' tasks were in Trello. Also, there was a specialized logistics software in addition to these programs. The task was to switch the whole company's working process to "one window" mode so that the applications from all the sources could be displayed in CRM automatically without the necessity to enter them manually.

The tasks from the client:

  • To switch the working process to the "one window" mode
  • To replace AMO CRM with Bitrix24
  • To stop using Trello
  • To automate the company's working process
  • To connect services to CRM
  • To limit employees access to other managers' deals
  • To add social networks
The solution:

The best solution for the company was the replacement of AMO CRM with Bitrix24 as it has much more functions. Bitrix24 is a corporate portal with advanced features for work in CRM when AMO CRM has limited capacity and is better for startups and small companies.

The results:

Our automation department made and automated leads and sales funnels in accordance with the company's requirements, configured CRM entities, connected third-party services such as "my calls" and the phone, and added social networks.

We made the company's organizational structure. We created separate groups with separate access in every department so that managers couldn't see each other's deals.

As another CRM system had been used before we also transferred data from AMO CRM so that all the contacts, companies and deals weren't lost by the employees during the CRM system replacement.

We set up a taskbook because, as it was already said, the main task was to switch the working process to "one window" mode and before that the employees had got their tasks via Trello.

The staff was being trained both during the implementation of the new CRM system and after everything was done as managers worked in Bitrix24 with new applications and learned to work with new and more functional CRM system.

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