business doesn't take off?
I will conduct a personal
and get a step-by-step plan to close the vulnerabilities
Bottom line_
Plan of action
You know what shall be done and in which priority
You understand what competencies you and the team need to get to the next level
Training plan
A recording of the strategy session conversation and a completed form on it
Recording a conversation
You need a diagnostics if_
You have no control over business development. The strategy either doesn't exist or doesn't work well
You put a lot of effort, but you get few results.
You take on everything and rarely follow through, you don't know where you'll end up.
6 key blocks_
Let's choose the 5 business management tools most suitable for you and customer care
Tool selection
We will test 6 areas of business: product packaging, finance, service level, marketing, sales, administration
Competency Analysis
We'll help you expand your product line. Determine which products can be added to earn up to 200% more, without increasing costs
Expanding the product line
Identify 4-6 methods of attracting leads and sales (in conjunction) to meet the sales plan
Turbo Boost marketing
Let's calculate the profitability and payback of a unit (unit of product or customer). Let's show what key indicators influence profit
We will put all the tools and methods together. We will make a step-by-step plan of action to bring the company into stable growth
Plan of action
I'll show you by my own example_
All the recommendations you will hear are not dry university theory. I am not a couch guru. I just went through all this myself and made a lot of mistakes. That's why I directly tell you where I messed up and show you how to avoid it.

Now I manage teams remotely and travel myself, not participating in the operation. People do the business themselves. I can teach you how to do the same.
format: find out + make_
This is not a webinar
This is a 2-hour session
where 95% is twaddle and the rest could be useful
from which you leave with a concrete plan of action
the composition of most webinars
diagnostic composition
of business
Do you still have doubts?
I'm willing to give you seven minutes
and answer all your questions about this diagnosis
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