Without blowing your brains out
I don't care if no one reads when there's a lot of text. It should be on the site. And stick a picture in it.
There should be a lot of text about how cool we are, so that all people understand that we will make a site for them and buy our services. Think about what to write. You have until Friday.
But he makes cool sites. see the portfolio below
developer who Didn't show up for the photo shoot
    Why us?
    You also don't know why they stick this question on it-agencies' webpages, do you?
    British scientists have found that decision-making is only influenced by three components
    Expertise, accomplishments, persuasion, idle chatter, and chitchat - all are not reasons to trust your project to someone
    we do not phoney up
    Let's Discuss Your Project_
    And let's agree that all three components will satisfy you
    Need a conversation here and now?

    What's the price anyway?

    We work without price tags. For three reasons
    The cost depends on the complexity and scope of the project. All projects are different and it will take 689,000,000,000 days to calculate all options
    You can see the price, calculate that it is cheap or expensive for you and leave the site without even talking to us. Although the price can be negotiated
    It's not fair to quote a price without looking "under the hood". The project can be more expensive than the price of the site and there are extra charges for every shenanigans. We do not do so
    If price is the main criterion for you, just start our dialogue with the words "I have a limited budget and the amount is the following".
    _everyone has different requests
    _we don't want to lose you
    _we are for honesty
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