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Bitrix24 implementation for Priority Auto

Bitrix24 implementation for Priority Auto

This business case is for those who sell cars by the auctions.

The clients request:

At the time of application the client didn't use any IS. All the data was either in excel tables or managers guided their clients on paper. All the applications from the company's website were sent to email.

So we had the following tasks:

  1. All the applications from different sources should be sent to one place and distributed evenly among managers
  2. Documents (contracts, checks) should be created automatically
  3. The clients' base should be managed
  4. Managers' calls should be displayed in CRM
  5. The funnel should be automated

The findings we had:

  • The organizational structure is set up
  • Access rights are set up
  • Leads, deals and contacts cards are set up
  • Leads funnel (notifications, tasks, reminders) is set up and automated
  • Deals funnel (notifications, tasks, reminders) is set up and automated
  • Forms for the website and integration with the phone, mail and social networks are set up
  • All the sources are connected in Bitrix24 (calls, e-letters, Instagram*, Facebook*, VKontakte, chat on the website, CRM forms on the website)
  • The document (contracts, checks) templates are created
  • Sources report is set up

The result

The clients' applications stopped being lost, the work with clients became more comfortable and faster. The number of clients at each stage is clear now. Automatic notifications and tasks help guide clients through the funnel. Document templates allow to create contracts and checks fast and without mistakes and send them to clients in one click. Analytical reports allow to see which channels are in the greatest demand and what's worth being paid attention to.

The conclusion

The work in Bitrix24 allows to track all the sources and ways to connect to clients, to handle incoming appeals quickly. The managers clearly understand how many clients they guide and which stage they are on. Automatic document creation saves much time which was spent on manual work.

*Facebook/Instagram — проект Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой в России запрещена
*Facebook/Instagram is a Meta Platforms Inc. project banned in Russia