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Configuration of the CRM-system Bitrix24 for the dance school Jazz Studio

Project goals:

  • To automate the accounting and interacting process with potential and current clients.
  • To simplify the schedule management for dance teachers in different branches.
  • To improve the communication with clients via multi-channel integration.


1. Lead funnel:

  • We implemented a lead funnel to account potential clients automatically.
  • We added a “postponed decision” option for the parents in the waiting list which improved accounting and further interaction.

2. Trading funnel with cyclic renewal:

  • We configured a trading funnel where the deals renew automatically every month providing the cyclicity in accounting services for kids.

3. Communicative channels integration:

  • We integrated social networks, Telegram, WhatsApp and a phone system to fix all the ways of communication in CRM

4. Schedule management:

  • We set up an individual schedule for every dance teacher in every branch taking into account their features.

5. Birthdays notification funnel:

  • We implemented an automatic birthdays notification system to congratulate the kids in time which helps to build loyalty.

The results:

  • Effective interaction with clients: all the communications with clients are now taken into account and well organized providing a high level of service.

  • Automation of the accounting and renewal the deals: cyclic deal system simplified significantly the service accounting process and reduced labor costs for routine tasks.

  • Optimization of the schedule management: an individual schedule for every dance teacher provides effective use of the dance school resources and prevents conflicts in schedules.

  • Improved customer interaction: multi-channel integration and automatic birthdays notifications increase the level of clients’ satisfaction.

The conclusion:

The configuration of Bitrix24 for Jazz Studio allowed to create an effective system of customer relationship management, automate essential business-processes and improve the service quality. It’s a great example of the successful CRM-system application to develop a service business.