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Business automation: Sferacar

This time we’ve helped our friends from @sferacar.ru
The company Sferagroup Ltd. specializes in safe, effective, and affordable purchase of high-quality Japanese cars.

• The work is carried out in different programs
• Absence of synchronization between sales and logistics departments
• Duplication of the information in Terrasoft and MS Access
• Scattered work of sales channels and messengers
• Employees talk to customers on their personal phones
• Difficulties with the staff supervision
• Documents are prepared in a separate program which slows down the working process

• To collect the applications from different sources in one system
• To build-up the customer base
• To eliminate the systems duplication and synchronize the departments
• To configure the phone, all calls must get directly to the deals
• To create document templates and configure the autocomplete

• The sales funnel is created
• A contact card is modified
• The company card is modified and completed
• A deal card is modified (added custom fields allow to take orders)
• The phone and e-mail are configured
• The caller ID is configured (the region and local time)
• Social networks and messengers (Whatsapp, Instagram*, Facebook*, Vkontakte, and Telegram) are attached
• Documents templates with autocomplete are created and access rights are allocated among the departments
• Letters templates are created
• Automatic calculation of CLV is set up

All employees work in one system. Every department has their own sales funnel. The deals are not lost. All information and data are transferred automatically. Sales channels are put in CRM so the transactions are possible to supervise. Documents for customers are produced right from the deal card and sent to a client just in one click.

The use of Bitrix24 makes the working process for the stuff much easier. One transaction takes far less time and a manager can work with more clients during a working day.

The tasks are fully accomplished. The client is satisfied and the company keeps on developing and growing.

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*Facebook/Instagram — проект Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой в России запрещена
*Facebook/Instagram is a Meta Platforms Inc. project banned in Russia