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Bitrix24 configuration for White Whale logistics company

Bitrix24 configuration for a logistics company

The task: to reduce the work of sales department to a single window. Tracking customer applications and working process, end-to-end analytics on commercial sources, reporting, synchronization with 1C program.

As the client didn’t have all the company’s working processes fixed, we started our work with pre-project analysis and description the company’s business processes.

On the basis of the described documents, we created lead generation and sales funnels and configured the required automation level.

We connected the client to the virtual PBX, brought the phone numbers, owned by a private individual, into the single system with the possibility to record calls which will be brought to the Bitrix24 automatically, create the lead cards, appear in the history of the formed deals.

Besides the phone system, we connected all the other ways of communication – social networks, the website and messengers for the managers convenience so that they didn’t have to monitor different services and had all the notifications in a certain place which will allow to process the requests quickly and increase the service quality.

We configured the two-way data exchange with 1C, uploaded the existing clients database and trained the managers before starting working process.
Customization of Bitrix24 for White Kit logistics company