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Novek auto

A company which purchases cars from Japanese auctions.

The customer’s requirements
-business automation
-customer base retaining
-clear allocation of access rights

1. To gather client requests from different sources in one system in order to process all the incoming applications properly.
2. To automate notifications in applications across the deal continuum to avoid missing notifications and keep clients.
3. To organize lead funnel steps so that the clear allocation of access rights could be kept.
4. To connect and set up the phone for sales managers in a manner that all calls and phone records could get to the right deals.


Due to the automation, the loss of customers’ data is reduced. Previously, data was recorded in Excel tables and daily planners.

All applications are gathered and distributed to the managers. The personal fields of the deals are customized in accordance with the clients’ requests. It allowed to increase the percent of the customer base retaining and enhance the flow of new customers.

The requisitioner has noted that the company structure, shown in the system, has clear access permissions now. Every manager has access to their own stage only, what was very important for the requisitioner. 

The company’s phone is configured properly. It allowed to reduce the cost of telephone calls, upload data directly to the deals and record calls.

Client feedback
The specialists listened attentively to all the requirements, offered some modern solutions and described working steps in detail. We are satisfied with the cooperation results. Comfortable and long-term relationship has developed with this company.