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EFA studio

Design development
EFA studio is a young and vigorous company. Its main goal is to create unique interiors for their customers efficiently and promptly. The details matter a lot so the particular attention is paid to features and the character to emphasize them in the interior.
The tasks:
·       To create an individual website for the design studio from Moscow
·       To make it obvious the company does awesome projects
·       To place ready-made cases and portfolio on the website
·       To create the most convenient application form
·       To describe the work plan to allow customers to understand that the company is pointed towards a unique result.
The solutions:
·       The client prepared a table with websites which they like and which they don’t like where every option was described in detail;
·       From the first day we dived into all the ideas to make a special website;
·       We chose the style and the color;
·       We reflected the studio’s advantages in every feature and piece;
·       We bought a domain and subscriptions, created an e-mail and did all the administrative work;
·       We prepared a layout with all the necessary information and blocks placed there;
·       We filled the approved layout with the gathered information;
·       We uncovered the USP as much as possible through the work plan;
·       The client checked and tested the website and gave us feedback. We fixed all the comments and the website was ready!
The result:
We got an amazing and unique website which reflects the EFA studio’s philosophy. You can see the ready-made project on Efa-studio.ru