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TM ACCOUNTING – logo and corporate identity

We got an application to develop a logo and corporate identity for a company in the USA.
The tasks we had:

·       To design a logo
·       To develop the corporate identity

Here the logo we designed:

TM abbreviation has a solid and straight shape which symbolizes reliability, resistance and confidence.

TM abbreviation is highlighted with a wide font but at the same time it isn’t separated from the word “Accounting” what makes the text look holistic

#stability #income #growth #structure #responsibility #creativity #strength

As a part of the corporate identity, we also developed the branding of business cards, forms, corporate bags and folders for the documents, pens, notebooks, an example of the branded contract, badges, envelopes, the presentation about the company and corporate slides with the services description.

The corporate identity visualization:

The results:

Due to the logo and the corporate identity the company stands out from its competitors as the corporate identity and a catchy logo increase the recognition of the company.

The client’s feedback:

I’m really satisfied with the quality of your team’s work. Everything is stylish and corresponds to the image of the company. Everything is at a high level and it is obvious that you work tastefully.

I would also like to notice that it’s very convenient to work via chat as it allows to exchange messages faster. We had other vendors and service providers who work only via e-mail and refused to work via chat so it’s your great advantage that you are flexible about it.

Also, I would like to say that you offer a wide range of services and you showed the way everything would look when we print it out. You showed me the layout and let me see everything with my own eyes. I was very pleased and it was a positive point for me.

The last thing is that you patiently accepted all my comments which I had a lot by the end of the work.:)

I’m really thankful to you and your whole team.:)