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Implementation of Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) for the Importrans logistics company

The task: the client asked us to prolong the backups storage period of their 1C databases and files from the server. He wanted the backups to store from one week to 1,3,6 months or even a whole year with making daily archives during the week.

The solution: We chose Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) to accomplish the task. This tool allows to create full copies of the virtual machines providing a reliable way to preserve the data. We configured PBS to store the data either on a separate physical server or on a cloud server providing additional security.

The result: now the backups are stored separately from the main server. It frees up the space and increases the data security. We significantly extended the information storage period and optimized its restoration process increasing the speed and effectiveness. The client is satisfied with the result and their data is well protected now.

Such approach allowed both to satisfy the client’s necessities and improve the effectiveness of working with the data.