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Comprehensive configuration of the IT infrastructure at the Kairos company’s warehouse.

Kairos company hired us to configure the IT infrastructure at their new warehouse which is situated outside the city.

The solution:

1. Network infrastructure construction: we created a network infrastructure adapted in accordance with the large space of the warehouse.

2. Video surveillance system installation: we installed the video surveillance system with the option of the local date storage and remote access in order to provide the warehouse security. Also, we installed the system of uninterrupted power supply up to 2 hours in case of power supply outages.

3. Seamless Wi-Fi: we implemented the seamless Wi-Fi system using the technologies which allow to provide the continuous coverage on the whole warehouse area adapting to a current Internet connection speed. Also, we took into account that the employees use the barcode scanners working via Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and installed dual-band access points.

4. The implementation of the ACS: the access control system was configured to provide safe and controlled access to the territory of the warehouse without requiring a high-speed Internet connection.

5. Connection and configuration of the storage equipment: we prepared an offer with the list of the required equipment to install in advance.

6. A secure VPN tunnel: we configured a VPN tunnel for secure data exchange with the central company’s server and optimized it to a required number of employees.

The result: after configuration and optimization of the IT infrastructure, Kairos company’s warehouse got a safe and functional system which ensures the stable operation. All the tasks we had from the client were accomplished. 😁