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Pizza House

Do you like pizza?

So do we! That’s why we were glad to help the family restaurant chain “Pizza House” customize its IT infrastructure. 

To find vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure
To fix the issues and provide the smooth working

State before the audit
branch restaurants’ data aren’t synchronized
1C server isn’t functioning correctly

To audit the infrastructure
To set up the available networking equipment
To configure backup Internet channels
To set up the data backup
To customize the monitoring of the key devices and services
To buy a server, customize it, and put it into operation

Continuous correct branch restaurants data synchronization due to the dynamic routing setup
A new 1C server is installed and customized
Databases are transferred to MSSQL
The secure remote access to the company resources for employees is configured
Video surveillance with archive storage and backup to multiple locations is set up
WI-FI meets the standards established by the Russian legislation 

After the work is accomplished, there are no more problems with the access to the server both in the internal network and remotely via secure channels. Important services (1C, iiko) and Internet channels are duplicated. All the works were conducted so that employees weren’t disturbed during their working process.

We have been working closely with @pizzahousevl for a long time and we thank them for making the world more delicious.