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Business case Maximus account management

In this business case we are going to tell about a company from Sacramento, CA – Maximus Development, Inc (https://maximusd.com/about/). They are independent construction solutions suppliers for homeowners, banks, investors, managing companies and the insurance industry.

Following the results of network accounts maintaining work, the next tasks were completed:
·       We analyzed the company’s competitors;
·       We developed the promotion strategy;
·       We created the list of headings and the content plan;
·       We modified the page on Instagram* and the account description on Facebook*.
·       We developed the ending of Instagram* posts with the company contacts and the call for action;
·       We selected hashtags and geotags;
·       We set up Facebook* and Instagram* cross-posting;
·       We posted 8 posts (one of them is Reels);
·       We posted a number of Instagram* Stories every day;
·       We analyzed the content and made a report about the categories and posts which were most popular and what we should focus on next month, made the “before/after” statistics record.

While maintaining social networks accounts, we made a rebranding where we developed some options of the corporate identity for the customer. We offered three options:
The first option
The second option
The third option
The customer chose the second option. After the identity confirmation we developed a brand book.
Following the results of the work accomplished, we took up the advertising and promotion.
We conducted small research and found out that while looking for a contractor people pay attention to the reviews and the pictures of the works done. Also, a family business, which is run by Americans, is appreciated in Sacramento as it guarantees that the taxes will stay inside the country instead of being sent to Mexico or elsewhere. Before contacting us, the customer tried make ads by themselves but the information was chaotic and the number of people who paid attention to the ads was little.

What we did:
·       We analyzed the Internet platforms;
·       We gathered the competitors’ ads on our own;
·       We analyzed them and selected the key points;
·       On the key points basis a copywriter wrote a text for our customer, based on UPS;
·       We translated the text;
·       We sent it to the customer and got it back with the corrections, then we edited the text according to the corrections, updated all the information about the company (address, phone, website, e-mail);
·       We prepared photos for posting;
·       We posted the information on the popular and also specialized Internet platforms.
As a result, we updated the corporate identity, adjusted business processes, posted the information in social networks and completed all the tasks we had.

*Facebook/Instagram — проект Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой в России запрещена
*Facebook/Instagram is a Meta Platforms Inc. project banned in Russia