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Targeted advertisements for Sofa Lux

PROFESSIONAL ANATOMIC COUCHES for beauty salons and home beauty studios.
The task from the customer: to increase the number of orders, to achieve the biggest number of applications operating at full available capacity: 120 sales per month.
The solution:
To increase the number of applications from the clients we decided to arrange a two-step sales targeting strategy. We created sales funnels based on ad campaigns’ targets and ad creatives as well as adjusted ad creatives for the retargeting audience. We agreed on the promotional events for the upcoming festivals as well as bonuses and presents which are necessary for attracting subscribers and increasing sales.

The result within a month:
The budget: 262 USD
The average click price: 0,27 USD
The final cost of application: 6 USD
The total number of sales per month: 55 items.

For the next stage we’ve planned to step up the most effective ad campaigns and new bonuses for potential customers and to add a chat bot (official Facebook* partner)

*Facebook/Instagram — проект Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой в России запрещена
*Facebook/Instagram is a Meta Platforms Inc. project banned in Russia